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Our body is built to move.
It is communicating to you all the time, though most have conditioned to believe that the intellectual mind is safer and more powerful, therefor we are constantly sending loud signs to our body that it isn’t safe to trust it.

As children we move, jump and express ourselves. We organically let our vessels move in the way they need to without seeing it as anything but movement. No “embarrassing” or “wrong”.
We shake out the discomfort, we release through laughs and tears, our breath knows how to naturally slow down when we sleep…

One of the clearest signs that the connection to our bodies isn’t present anymore is when we look for facilitators, teachers, therapists and doctors to fix something that is (not) broken, rather than THROUGH the support of someone guiding you to remembering the intimacy & freedom the body is yearning for.

Through conscious rhythmic and flowing movements not only remembers your body of the benefits to move consciously & energetically, but it also re-creates a healthy pathway within your vessel from your body to your mind, and essentially to your state of being.

✧ why the struggles in your life show up

This is Me

A Human Design Chart might look intimidating at first, just like everything that makes us unique might seem, too.
Though, when you slowly come to personally experience the beauty and magic of seeing yourself as you are—supported & perfectl

Your Internal Compass

… Where it’s crucial that you remain open

Because your personal chart holds so much value and information,
this Reading is an Introduction into the Depth of your Uniqueness.
After your reading, you can then continue within your own Exploration and possibly other Teachers

The Steps

Steps Overview 
1. Request 📝
2. Wait For My Confirmation 📱
3. Allow Me to Tune Into Your Essence Via Video 💻
4. Receive Your Personal Reading Within 3 Days via Audio 🔉

Step Details

● Fill in the form below to Request Your Reading

● After receiving your request,
I will tune into whether I’m the right person to support you in this moment.

● If you receive a Confirmation, we will connect through a short Video Call with the purpose of me feeling your essence,
so I can know the best way for you to receive your Reading.
(And you can also share with me anything that life is bringing you right now.)

● Maximum 3 days after our video call, you’ll receive your Personal Audios from me where I explain Human Design first for you to open up your mind and soften any chance of confusion. and followed by a transmission of your unique chart.

● In your Reading I will share with you your energy type, why you might feel the way you feel in your relationships, your role in this life for humanity, your unconscious & conscious traits in your personality, your specific decision making power, things to be aware of so you can live in ease, tips to navigate your next steps, and anything else that comes to me as a message for you.

● You can access & download your Audios and keep them for whenever you would like to listen to them again.

If I am meant to support you:
I am so excited to open up the gates to this journey into yourself.

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