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The Cycle of 2021 Isn’t Fully Closed Yet…

Though many have already said “Happy New Year” in celebration, every year around this time there is more tension than expansion. Such mental celebrations are based on the Gregorian calendar, which isn’t in tune with the planetary timing that our bodies & nature energetically pass through.

You might have noticed the pressure to “force yourself to start the new year,” which accompanies possible stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, in you and others. Such a process is incredibly unnatural, possibly creating more pain than you might be aware of. It is like putting a seed into the ground and magically the next day you can see a flower.

Energetically, there is really nothing to celebrate or to look toward the future around December 31st up until the January 4th. It is an internal phase of allowing your awareness to be inward and backwards to watch the movie and see what happened.

Even when we just moved through a new moon, opening “new intentions/resolutions” for the year isn’t as supported as when we enter a Phase when the true renewal space is ready for “clearing & looking ahead.”

If you notice for example, not only is the Chinese New Year at least 21 days after January 1st, but the Summer/Winter Solstice is 21 days later than the start of the Gregorian calendar “Summer/Winter.”

The Sun will enter the 41st Gate and that is when the new Cycle begins. That is when “2022” opens up the doors. Of course, life loves humour and always brings us a joke with our experience, we will start 2022 “twisted” with Mercury in Retrograde.

Right now, we are in the time of dusting ourselves off and realising:
“this is an intense time, but now, compared to a few days ago, I feel a little push to pick myself up.”
And in a few days, we’ll enter the phase when we are supported to see our inner truth, where clarity can emerge from the “Unknown.”


For a few years, I have been living with a state of being that isn’t talked about much. Yes, there are many people “doing energy healing,” yet in my unique path, this isn’t how it all started. I have come to experience deep surrender, in such a way that I have been observing my body being physically guided into energy work, or choosing words, what to eat, yoga asanas, really anything material that essentially is energy, too.

This has always been sacred and most often when I’m working with others, I am used for energy clearing/activations through movement, touch or different languages that the intellectual mind doesn’t understand. I do not choose when this happens. My own mind is surprised by this offer, since until now it seemed that this ability to surrender and truly be guided was active only for me, my partner and in ceremonial space.

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I trust this will reach you if you are “feeling lost.”

“Direction” is one of the biggest things every single soul seeks for in this life. Because we aren’t conscious of the lesson we came here to learn. So, our mind keeps looking for direction. For the “next step.” We ask ourselves: “Should I or should I not?” “Where or how should I…?”, “Am I supported?” “What is happening”? Etc.

And though this is the nature of the mind, to wonder, to ask, to try to figure it out… when we don’t have an unshakeable, deep trust & surrender that doesn’t reside in the conditioned mind, we truly feel warmth and reassurance when our vessel & mind receive a little support from messages that come through another being that can initiate you into more comfort & connection.

When source moves my body into choosing your cards, I am meant to impact your awareness and ground you with the messages that you will receive, through the chosen cards that come not only with a message that will be adapted individually to your being, but with a ritual that is accompanied for the month, with a supporting element or crystal that is in tune with the energetic focus of what might arise during that month for you. 

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A soft direction.

Guidance to connect to yourself and your process in life.

A way of remaining open through your next solar cycle.

A way of observing what shows up in tune with what I’ll share with you.

Grounding practical elements that support awareness and the Self.

A gentle sensation of the evolution of your inner world.

An energetic clearing needed for you to move towards the next cycle.


“Foretelling” what exactly will happen in your life.

A decision making tool to pre-create a state of mind for the actual experience.

A specific outcome of “positive” or “negative” measuring.



Since only Life knows when and IF I will offer this again next year,
this is a one time only (at least for now) offering that is very special and intimate.

It is truly an honour for me to be part of your path and assist you, & through my aura transform something within you.

 ▷ You are nonetheless welcome to openly share your expression through a message if you notice that these numbers push you away from receiving, but you are clear you are ready to receive.
I will let my body give me clarity on if we can work around it or not.

Container of Sensing into Your Year

Twelve cards to sense into each month

● 12 virtual cards for 2022
Each card supports you with a Message, Focus, Question, Ritual, Crystal, Element.

● A Private Call, sensing into your being + Energy clearing.

● A Personalised Message with a PDF to print if desired.


Reserve your spot with half-payment and wait for confirmation

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⦿ Set Date & Time

⦿ Private Zoom Call


Write to me using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


We will call through Zoom so I can clear the energy and feel into you.

After our call, my Internal guides me to chose your cards.
I message you when its done and you can relax until you receive your package in your Mailbox / Telegram.


When: Offer is only for this month

I will close the offer if I receive clarity on that.

For now it seems there will only be energetic capability for 10 spots. If I am not meant to support you with this, understand "declining" doesn't carry a personal specific reason about you. I trust in my own internal guidance that will always be in support to me and you. I appreciate your being either way.

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Contact me here.

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so please don't worry if I don't respond immediately.
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In Peace, Selene