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My name is Selene

Through Practical Individualised Energy Mentoring:
〉 Sensible Self-Awareness through Alignment
〉 (de-)conditioning + Re-creating patterns
〉 Acknowledging & Navigating Emotional unfolding
〉 Energy clearing beyond the intellect + practical individualised embodiments
〉 integration of intimacy with life from your unique being

Our minds never have the whole picture of synchronicities awaiting us and yet we continue trusting it, even though we have an inner knowing in our deepest presence if something truly is meant for us or not.



My Journey

Forever admiring the Moon with my Name “Selene” translating to “Moon Goddess”, I have always naturally explored my inner world and the way life initiates me, from relating to Self and another, to my physical body through movement, to energy and space.

Born in Colombia, I have traveled and called everywhere from Germany to India home. Tuning into different cultures as a girl, I noticed the deep loneliness of feeling alien in society and seeing the world so differently. Now I see and know this is truly my strength.

Through a Deep connection to the body’s wisdom, dance, yoga and meditation beyond the senses have been foundations in my life, and have empowered me on my journey.

For those who are ready,
I am here to stir you up and to hold space for You to come to discover  and embrace the raw expression of Yourself.

As a lifelong student of how to consciously navigate emotions, the nature of the mind and our interconnected physical, mental & energetic bodies, these areas are the foundation for how I support you.

Life blessed me with an inexplicable spiritual Awakening, and this Initiation gifted me the state of being to comprehend life “beyond the mind”, allowing me to grasp the potency of what it is to exist in this rich human experience.

Energy Imprint

Personal aspects

Each one of you is unique and hold within you specific traits and gifts that allow you to live as your unique self. Lost in the world of the mind, many are unaware of these gifts. Through my own lived experience, Integration of the Human Design system, and capacity for energetic clearing, I facilitate your Initiation into lovingly & radically welcoming your Unique Self.

"...A captivating dance that comes into existence: the admiration from afar & the activation from intimacy."


Work with Me

Primary language I prefer is English, but can integrate Spanish & German, too.

(⎑ Exact Birth time necessary for all offerings.)

A deep personal & intimate Mentoring Opportunity for You to Look Within (with my support). Meeting you where you are at with the focus of your Unique Energy Imprint (Human Design), I will accompany a section of your tender Journey of (de)conditioning to become aware, release, heal, and confront aspects that need to be met. So you can slowly come to experience your truest expression.

Having Me come into your Life in a phase where you find yourself saying “I am ready for this to shift” & you feel it is time to really look, see and be moved. From everyday things, to your body’s journey, to your “routines” and to bigger aspects of your life. Practical, energetic & enlightening Guidance for 12 Weeks to nourish the Intimacy with Life through your Unique Expression.

● Limited to 2 or 3 spots per year

🜃 This is a purely focused Human Design Life Mentoring 
(Accompanied by the essential integration of the Inner Energy Meditation and the Awareness of Gene Keys)

It is not necessary to mentally grasp it, but it is helpful to “dip your toes” into Human Design here before I assist you 🙏🏽

ENERGY exchange:
856,11 EuR
978,17 USD
1.377,87 AUD

(monthly/weekly options, too)

▸ More or less 15 sessions depending on your Uniqueness + spontaneous direct support for navigating life via Mail/Chat/Voice Memos/Pictures.

A 6 Week Intimate Immersion Journey for Ladies with the focus on truly understanding how YOUR “feminine” is embodied & not from what you have been conditioned with through modern practices or society. Coming to meet the differences between our expressions & “Sensuality” by removing yourself from the pressure of “sisterhood,” to come together and embrace each other as we truly are— Uniquely Different.

🜃 With the foundation of Human Design, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Energy Work, Establishment of Relationship to Breath, Somatic & Meridian Awareness

● Maximum 8 spots per Immersion
✺ Next One: Around August 2022

ENERGY exchange:
411,51 EuR
469.29 USD
653.81 AUD

(monthly/weekly options, too)

▸ More ore less 7 sessions depending on the dynamic + spontaneous direct support for navigating life via Mail/Chat/Voice Memos/Pictures.

A 6 weeks Individual Process for a mother or daughter, where we unveil the things that are wanting to be met, so they can shift & ascend for Yourself and extend the way you experience your relationship. The relationship might have been hurtful over time or felt “off”. I come into your life in a moment of “emotional crisis” where you believe the growth needs to happen in the other & some understanding of Self + Release is needed. Offering healing elements, while supporting your transition with transformational education for a new phase.

🜃 With the foundation of Human Design, Untangling Meditation, Energy Clearing, Breathing/Moving Release, Specific Guidance to anchor Awareness.

● Only available in Person
⍜ Currently “on hold.”

ENERGY exchange:
943,54 EuR
1076.01 USD
1499.10 AUD

 (monthly/weekly options, too)

▸ At least 6 sessions & more depending on your Uniqueness + Integration “Assignments”

A 2 Months Coaching Focus where I come into your life when you feel ready to “shed some skin” + change “routines” and where you have been living from your conditioned ways that aren’t in tune with YOUR uniqueness. To look at how caring for your whole being truly looks like. The physical (movement, food, posture), the mental (what you take in, how you are meant to digest life, the frequency of your relationship to life & self) and your “well being” (where its source is your connection to your inner Self).

🜃 With the foundation of Human Design, Meditation, Yoga, Establishment of Relationship to Breath, Self-Regulating, Strategic & Holistic impactful Adjustments while honoring You as YOU.

● Limited to 2 spots per year
⍕ Also Online Possible.

ENERGY exchange:
694,54 EuR
792.05 USD
1103.49 AUD

An intimate 2 hours in Person nourishing & therapeutic Session (for Women) where I come into your Space to hold a safe “container” of presence to unlock physical tension, to release somatic + energetic blockages through breathing, bodywork & specific and intimate guidance.
Sacred touch is intended to be much more than just physical relaxation & not just a “massage”. A gift to yourself (or to another) that might stir up emotions that have been waiting to be released or can simply allow you to experience deep connection, bliss and love.

🜃 With the awareness of Human Design. Elements of Meditation, Breathing + Movement Guidance, Energy Clearing, Unlocking Muscular Tension through sensitive & clear touch.

● Only available in Person
⍜ Currently “on hold.”

ENERGY exchange:
286,68 EuR
326.93 USD
455.48 AUD

(monthly/weekly options, too)

⬖ IF you notice this is present for you:

Send me a Message

For whatever reason you are connecting with me, I cherish your genuine words.

feel my essence

if you feel pulled to me, but it isn't your moment to reach out,
I hope we can connect in different ways.

receive my words

(I naturally engage in phases and only a few times a year!)
topics: human design, intimately navigating life with self & the other, practical tools/observations, musical vibrations/offerings i sense could support you.
Honoring the sacred land I'm currently on and recognising that I am a "visitor" in the space of the koori people in the Kuring-gai Tribe (the traditional Owners and ongoing Custodians of this land in Sydney, Australia) which I live and work on. I am in gratitude that I have the privilege of being on this land and with my deepest respect & appreciation I have the local Elders, past, present and emerging in my awareness. I recognise and appreciate their connection to land, waters and culture and acknowledge that before European colonisation, the land and its tributaries were the source and support of life in all its dimensions.

© Selene, Est. 2020