An Introduction
into the Depth
of Your Uniqueness

We walk through life
either desperately trying to understand who we are,
Or we grow up being told who we are.
Too often, only at the end of our lives,
do we allow ourselves the opportunity
to ponder on who we really are or why we are here.
Your uniqueness is far beyond your likes & dislikes,
far beyond your values and beliefs,
far beyond what you think you know about yourself.
Your uniqueness is worth discovering.

When you discover your uniqueness you will come to learn:

✧ why the struggles in your life show up
✧ how you can make healthy & empowering decisions
(from the intelligence of your unique body’s internal compass)
✧ the reasons people feel or interact the way they do with you, and vice versa
✧ how to recognise where you are the most conditioned
✧ how to live life from the deepest wisdom & ease
✧ how specifically your mind has created tension & limited your truest expression 
✧ How you can care & honour for your energy
✧ how to TRULY be yourself

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A Human Design Chart might look intimidating at first, just like everything that makes us unique might seem, too.
Though, when you slowly come to personally experience the beauty and magic of seeing yourself as you are—supported & perfectly built—
you begin de-conditioning the story that your mind created about you. And you finally see yourself living from your truest expression.
This experience has a ripple effect on your decision making, your interactions, your health, the grounded trust that you feel within yourself,
the empathy & acceptance of other’s differences and the comfort in understanding that you are meant to be unique!

Human Design is a symphony of Zodiac Astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakras and Quantum Physics.
The whole system was originally “received” by a man called Ra from a non-physical entity, called “The Voice.”
The wisdom & depth this carries is unbelievably powerful.

I have personally seen how integrating this valuable knowledge in life as ourselves has allowed me and my partner
to navigate life from a higher, loving and more empowered perspective,
just how I have seen others “connect the dots” once they open up to receive this, too.

If you have experience experimenting with other systems that “tell you about yourself,” or full of hope following different sources of advice,
you might feel like you leave only with inspirational knowledge—
no actual “guidelines” that you can integrate to align yourself to the best version of YOUR uniqueness.
Human Design enlightens you through practical messages that your body and mind can start experimenting & observing immediately, so you can align yourself to the everlasting intelligence within your being to navigate life’s mystery in the most healthiest way for your unique Self.
This is why millions of people all around the world are in awe with it.

This is Me

How I came to know more about Human Design is a very intimate, vulnerable and a beautiful story that most minds wouldn’t believe.
What this knowledge brought into my life merged with my lifelong studies and investigations.
Not only did it link into every answer that I had received about life,
but it allowed me to perceive my shadows in an incredible light.
(Writing this made me teared up.)

Your Internal Compass

… Where it’s crucial that you remain open

Because your personal chart holds so much value and information,
this Reading is an Introduction into the Depth of your Uniqueness.
After your reading, you can then continue within your own Exploration and possibly other Teachers

Why an Introduction is supportive

Through life we all value different people.
Even when they are telling us that we “need to love ourselves, before we love others” in multiple different ways. We gratefully listen.
Sometimes we receive their teachings in a different light depending on where we are at in our journey
and depending on their own unique essence in transmitting messages to you.

When we open up to getting to know our uniqueness, the opening itself might seem like a big wave rushing through a tiny door.
Exciting, though most often overwhelming.
This is why an Introduction is so supportive for your journey.
I use the word “Introduction”, because it can go as deep as the ocean and it will be just the beginning,
not because it won’t feel to you like the ocean when you receive it.
In other words: The knowledge I will share with you will powerfully shift the way you see life and experience yourself.
You will receive a lot and yet it is “just” an Introduction into YOUR conscious journey.

The Steps

Steps Overview 
1. Request 📝
2. Wait For My Confirmation 📱
3. Allow Me to Tune Into Your Essence Via Video 💻
4. Receive Your Personal Reading Within 3 Days via Audio 🔉

Step Details

● Fill in the form below to Request Your Reading

● After receiving your request,
I will tune into whether I’m the right person to support you in this moment.

● If you receive a Confirmation, we will connect through a short Video Call with the purpose of me feeling your essence,
so I can know the best way for you to receive your Reading.
(And you can also share with me anything that life is bringing you right now.)

● Maximum 3 days after our video call, you’ll receive your Personal Audios from me where I explain Human Design first for you to open up your mind and soften any chance of confusion. and followed by a transmission of your unique chart.

● In your Reading I will share with you your energy type, why you might feel the way you feel in your relationships, your role in this life for humanity, your unconscious & conscious traits in your personality, your specific decision making power, things to be aware of so you can live in ease, tips to navigate your next steps, and anything else that comes to me as a message for you.

● You can access & download your Audios and keep them for whenever you would like to listen to them again.

If I am meant to support you:
I am so excited to open up the gates to this journey into yourself.

Inquire Your Introduction with Me

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