There comes a point when
you yearn for true connection.
To others, but mostly to YOUR self.
The symphony of feminine/masculine.
The nurturer—The space holder.
In the container of a Wom∙one Circle,
you will come whole as yourself
and as one with your sisters.

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A Ceremony

What manifests within a Wom∙one Circle with Selene
is as simple as sitting together with other ladies
and as nourishing and transformative as a deep celebration into yourself & others

The Tradition of sitting together in a circle has lived through many centuries and cultures.
Though, because of the way most people experience their lives nowadays, the connection within themselves is almost foreign to many wo/men.

Different from what most of us are used to, in the wom∙one circle we enter a sacred space where we are completely present with one another.
Respecting the intimate moment & celebrating each other’s differences.

What it can look like

The power of pure presence in the Moment is often undervalued when most of us are used to planning & controlling everything that arises.
This is why every single circle is as unique as every moment in life. We trust in Life’s Intelligence that the Circle will be held & guided.

Just a Glimpse of the Possibilities

⦿ Guided body Movement

⦿ Releasing through our Voice

⦿ Unraveling Conditioned Heaviness

⦿ Sweet Nourishment through Support

⦿ Opening up to a deep Relationship to Self

⦿ Guided Inner Energy Meditation

⦿ Explore your Unique Design & meet your truest Expression

⦿ Shift your Perspective

⦿ Receive the Medicine of Cacao

Elements such as dried herbs, incense, instruments, cacao, oracle cards, music, crystals, candles, Energy work, singing/chanting in Sanskrit, Spanish or Light-language can be a part of the experience. In a “spiritual” ceremonial space, it is normal that when we experience something we have never come across,
our minds retreat in fear or discomfort.  Remain open, non-judgmental and curious, as best as you can.

Ceremonial Cacao

The chocolate most of us are used to is more milk and sugar than anything else.
We usually enjoy a cup of “hot cacao” at night while watching a movie.
Something that few are conscious of is that the cacao seed is a plant, which means that it comes from a living tree.
Ceremonial cacao is 100% cacao in its purest form.
The name of the scared Cacao tree translates to “the food of the Gods.”
When we meet the spirit of Cacao for Ceremony and Ritual, the type of Cacao we use is incredibly important.
“Paititi Chuncho”  means wildcrafted cacao from the “Awakened City of Gold”. In Incan mythology it is said, that when there is a disbalance between human & nature, its spirit will support in opening the hearts.

Sacred Medicine

Every plant carries the essence of its spirit and just like teachers they can support us in our life’s path.
Plant medicines are guides and they all support our bodies in different ways.
They nourish us with their unique essence.

Cacao opens us up while relaxing us. Coffee, for example, usually carries stimulant effects that activate our nervous system. Cacao stimulates the cardiovascular system,
a physical aspect that assists us with energetically connecting to our heart space.
(Cacao is also high in Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc,
which is why we crave it before or during our monthly bleed or feeling low!)

The potent, yet soft and safe Medicine of Cacao supports us in navigating life in a more playful, loving and wise way than we are sometimes capable of.
Cacao reminds us of the space within our center.

The Connection

The way that you consciously experience the Medicine of Cacao
aligns with what you are meant to receive.
What may come up are things like:

✧ Liberating Freedom & giggling without a reason.
✧ Feeling a rush of emotion wanting to be expressed.
✧ Sensing a wave of calmness and relaxation throughout your body.
✧ One thing that many notice is that the “layers” of their heart space open up. They feel at ease and connect deeper within themselves & with others.

Your Options

A Wom∙one Circle guided by me can be a 3 to 4 hour experience
or can be transformed into a day Retreat allowing for Integration.

Maximum 12 Ladies or it can be an intimate private Circle of 2-4
to deepen & celebrate your relationship with each other

Whatever you feel called to, remember that a rose can't be forced to open up.

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Contact me here.

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